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About Westoe Brass Band

We are a British Brass Band based in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, originally known as the Harton Colliery Band. The band today consists of around 30 members from a wide range of different backgrounds across the North East of England. The band performs regularly throughout the year at a variety of engagements, including the Catherine Cookson Parade and the South Shields Amphitheatre, as well as its annual charity concert at the Customs House in October. Find out more in our band history section.

The band was formed as we know it today was formed in 1911 after apparently adopting the players of the Tyne Dock Temperance Band to fulfil the needs for a band at the Harton Colliery in South Shields. Just eight years later we were to win the British Open Contest, being the first colliery band and the first band from the North of England to do so.

The Band was directed by George Hawkins, who was the first amateur conductor to win this great title, regarded by many as the leading accolade in the brass band world. In the 1950’s the Band added Westoe to its name, becoming the Harton and Westoe Colliery Band. We continued under this banner until 1986 at which point we dropped the Harton and became known as Westoe Colliery Band.

In 1993 after the closure of Westoe Colliery we began our ongoing relationship with South Tyneside Health Care Trust, first being known as the slightly awkward sounding Westoe and South Tyneside Health Care Trust Band (we had a big letterhead in those days!) and more lately Westoe Brass Band working in partnership with South Tyneside Health Care Trust.

We are one of the leading bands in the North East, and have gained a reputation for great concert music in South Tyneside and beyond.

We play for a number of community events, but you can also book the band for your own event if you so wish. We have experience playing for numerous events including marches, park entertainment, evening concerts and more recently, weddings. Please look to our Contacts page for details on how you can get in touch with us.

One thought on “About The Band

  1. A message for Lee Morris:
    Lee, I play with Cornerstone brass and we have used your Call of the Colliery with great effect on a number of occasions. It would appear we are now missing the Euphonium part and as I would like to use this piece in the near future could you email me a PDF of just that part.
    Roland Spencer

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